Monday 18 June 2012

The Sweet Sounds of Nature

 I am happily camping out again for a couple weeks on my friends' land.  Last year I clocked six and a half months in a tent (well six and a half nights to be more accurate).  Camping makes me giddy, as long as I am warm enough.  It speaks to my desire for simplicity and my love of nature.  I find the whole experience quite grounding.  By grounding I mean that it allows a person to be fully in the present, not thinking about the past or future.  How often do you find yourself in the latter two states of being?  To be honest, it is fairly often for me some days.  I recall doing an exercise where I had to write down every time I found myself thinking a past or future thought.  I will just say my paper filled up FAST!  

Let us get back to grounding.  One way to help "ground" one's self is to make a connection with nature.   Hug a tree (my favorite!), or take a short walk in a park.  Especially in times of transition, spending time in nature can be truly wonderful for our well being; it is healing for both body and mind.  For me, camping helps me to feel grounded.  I love lying in my tent before going to sleep and listening to the sweet sounds of nature.  Pure and simple.

Camping is also a great way for families to reconnect.  Given the emergence of the techno era, I believe we have become more isolated and disconnected as a society.  Camping translates to less computer time and more time in the great outdoors.  Even a weekend camping trip can be a rejuvenating experience in my opinion.  My one big tip for a pleasurable camping experience is bringing good padding to sleep on.  I use a Thermorest, and highly recommend them!  Happy camping!

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