appreciations for ashley

Ashley said once that I make the reading process easy for her somehow. I think that has a lot to do with her. Although, easy might not be the right word, because some pretty tough stuff came up last time. But she definitely brings an incredibly warm, nurturing, open vibe to our conversations that makes it easy for me to let my guard down. And I can have a pretty big guard. Thank you Ashley.

 Michael L. - Toronto, ON

Coming into the Tarot workshop, I had absolutely no personal history or understanding of this craft. Ashley Hain possesses a true talent, not only as a master of this art form, but also in teaching her students with a natural patience, clarity and understanding. Ashley provided valuable handouts for each class, and encouraged her  students to strengthen their own abilities and intuition, and introduced us to a variety of Tarot decks. Ashley’s passion and skills are evident, and I would highly recommend involvement in any current and/or upcoming workshops she is offering. In completing this workshop, I now have a fully encompassed understanding of the Tarot, and look forward to practicing and incorporating this art form into my everyday life. I will definitely be in attendance of workshops Ashley is offering in the future. If you’re looking to increase your knowledge on the Tarot, Ashley Hain comes with my highest recommendations. 

Jennifer W. - Vancouver Island, BC

Ashley Hain is a friendly and open individual and you will likely be put at ease by her energy. She has a very professional approach to the ancient practice of Tarot card reading. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience!

Leagh S. - Vancouver Island, BC


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  1. Hola me a parecido muy buen contenido, y me gusta muchísimo que sea solo contenido relacionado con tarot y lectura de cartas del tarot ya que es mi hobby favorito.