Sunday 29 April 2012

A Little Giving goes a Long Way

The other morning upon waking I was greeted by a sweet little act of beauty and love.   Here is what I saw as I opened the front window blinds in the house: 

The Grandchildren of the couple who has been staying here stopped by in the evening, when no one was around, and created this beautiful street canvas.  My heart melted when I saw it, and it got me thinking.  This act was completely random and with the intention to brighten peoples' day.  Objective was met, in my opinion.

What small act or gesture can you do today to affect someone else's life in a positive way?  I am going to help a friend move.  Okay this is a not such a small task, though I like giving.  This of course includes giving to myself too!  The lesson for me here is in becoming a better receiver.  They really are simply two sides of the same coin.

Live, love, laugh, and bask in the rainbow sunshine of life....even when you feel like you are soaking in some grey clouds!

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Heart Happy in Horse Land

I am very excited to share that I will be volunteering with the Comox Valley Therapeutic Riding Society (CVTRS) as of next week. This whole experience feels divinely guided and significantly special.  When I say divine, I am referring to being completely in the flow and being supported by a gentle angelic presence.   My spirit guides must have been especially attuned to my needs after coming home from a powerful session with a gifted clairvoyant last week.  I walked up to my house to find a newspaper on the front door step calling out my name.  I popped in the house, sat down at the table, and began perusing the paper.   I came upon the CVTRS ad looking for volunteers, and after a brief phone exchange, I arranged a visit to the stables the following week.  Upon my arrival, they were short of volunteers; I happily stepped in as a horse lead.  Given my years of horsie experience, my comfort level was palpable.  Moreover, I felt confident and a sense of heart happy. We took the riders on a lovely trail ride, and I felt at peace and at home there. The horse I led was a perky Arabian named Tiki (see photo above).  

How is this divine you may be asking?  Well, I have been wanting to be around horses since arriving in BC.  My passion for horses began at age six.  It was like therapy for me; it kept me sane during the rough and tough teenage years.  Horse riding helped me build confidence and appealed to my adventurous yet gentle and sensitive spirit.  I would spend every Saturday at the stables, riding, mucking out stalls, packing shaving bags, and doing whatever other barn chores needed to be done.  I was an avid horse woman until I went to university at age 18.  I took a long rest and got the call to return when I was 33.  With determination and no car, I found horse stables in downtown Toronto that was bus accessible.  I was good to go, and I haven't looked back!
Horses are abundant in BC, especially on Vancouver Island.  This past winter, I cared for three horses for a couple months, and since arriving in Comox Valley, I have been wondering how and when horses would enter the picture.  It did not take long; just under three weeks to be exact!  It turns out the CVTRS has just leased a new space to offer various new classes, one of which is working with troubled aboriginal youth.  These are the people I am interested in working with, and it turns out the day I want to volunteer is the day this class is being offered.  My timing is perfect!   Next week is the first class!  Thank you divine forces!  

It is amazing how the power of the mind can manifest what it desires with intention and genuine desire.  Since studying mind consciousness intensively in Ecuador last year, I have been experimenting with this concept, and am discovering just how powerful the mind truly is!

Comox Valley Take Two

I felt compelled to share a few more photos of Comox Valley, given that the photo in a previous post, of the cookie cutter houses and mountains, was an eyesore for some.  Personally, I love any photo with mountains, though I admit I am biased...and maybe I've been wearing rose coloured glasses since arriving in BC.  All I know is I need to live close to mountains and water.  Non-negotiable. 

These photos were taken at Comox Bluffs.  A short ride from my house, I meandered there last week and found myself in a forest which led to this beautiful opening complete with lake, fire pit, and view that took my breath away.  I sat there for a good long while and I felt immense gratitude.

Friday 20 April 2012

Spirit Fair Fun in Comox Valley

Spirit Fair 2012 was a success!  Amazing what happens when you create an intention and put focused good energy behind it.  I had the privelidge of sharing a table with a lovely woman, who was offering energetic attunements and readings, and we were definitely on the same wavelength.  We serendipitously were both wearing a purple shirt and scarf!
 As for Tarot consultations, I was busy for the better part of the day.  At one point in the day, I could feel my head spinning from all the different energies swirling around the room. Sage smudge spray to the rescue!!  I find sage really helpful in cleansing and grounding myself after each client.  My table partner, Kasandra, brought a big beautiful indoor plant, and she would "cleanse" her hands with it after each client (run her hands up and down the plant leaves).  Plants are truly wonderful in their ability to absorb and transform negative energy.  Did I mention I love ALL plants?!

All in all, Spirit Fair 2012 was a fun and eventful learning experience. 

Gratitude to Genevieve, the event organizer, for making it happen.  :o)

Saturday 14 April 2012

The Winds are Changing

I realize there has been a gap between this post and last.  I have been on the move.  I am now happily residing in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island.  It is composed of three small towns: Comox, Courtenay, and Cumberland...each with its own distinct flavour.  I have decided to hang my hat (cowboy hat that is!) in Courtenay this summer, with a focus on the Tarot.

My passion for Tarot is clear, and my intention is to share this love with bundles of people.  I was debating on a couple different places, though each time I came to Courtenay, an opportunity for Tarot would present itself.  I call it "divine guidance".  What I like about this town is that it is large enough to grant me access to lots of people, it is artistic with a vibrant music scene, and yet it still has that small town feel.  Plus, nature is abundant here.  Love.

Having spent the winter in what is considered a small retirement community, Qualicum Beach (QB), I was feeling a bit cagey.  Having said that, QB was a perfect initial landing spot for me, and a beautiful place to begin my West Coast experience.  Living out of a big backpack certainly has its advantages.  Moving is a breeze!

Below is a photo of one of my first walkabouts here in Courtenay....of course I didn't take any photos while I was playing in the river. :( I did however take a photo of the cookie cutter houses I passed by with the mountains in the background.  I love the contrast of polished and raw, and the close access here to the mountains, ocean, lake, rivers, forests and farms.  Yee haw!

I am off to do some final preparation for the Spirit Fair I am participating in tomorrow.  More on that to come....