Thursday 14 June 2012

Recent Reflections from a Tarotista!

This week I led my first Tarot workshop here in BC.  What an uplifting experience!  Now I understand what it means to be living/working in your passion.

On the day of the workshop I was feeling excited, a bit nervous, and strangely calm.  It was as though I had been leading Tarot workshops for years.  Maybe in a past life?  Who knows? 

In working with the Tarot I am meeting my desire to help educate, counsel, and inspire people to move towards their bliss.  Plus, I get to do it in a fun, engaging, and heart-felt way.  How lucky am I?!

In reflecting on my journey with the Tarot, I am amazed at how this gift, as I see it, remained hidden through my entire childhood.  It was only in my early 20s' that I began my healing journey, and in my 30s' that I discovered the Tarot. 

With that in mind, here is the golden nugget: it is NEVER too late to follow your bliss.  There is perfection in timing.  Perhaps I needed to experience all that I did before I could meet (or re-meet) the Tarot.  When I consult with people using the Tarot I feel like I tap into something bigger than myself.  It is beautiful.  I am grateful to have found my Holy Grail.  :)

I suppose the work moving forward is committing to continued exploration, expansion, and elevation through the Tarot.  Sounds like a good plan to me!   

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