Wednesday 6 June 2012

Seeking Support from a Sauna

I am grateful to Christina Brack for offering up her infrared sauna to the lovely people of Port Alberni, BC.   Half-hour sessions in her sauna is one of many services Christina offers in her home-based wellness clinic, Inner Stillness

I was in search of an affordable way to help receive some inner stillness, given my unexpected uprooting last week.  With some time to spare in the lovely town of Port Alberni, I stumbled across Christina's place and thought an infrared sauna would be a simple way to support myself.  My time in the sauna was precisely what I needed.  The soft meditative music combined with heat, access to pure water, and a warm shower afterwards felt uplifting and a great form of self-care.  I definitely noticed an increase in energy and overall feeling of well-being post session, and my skin felt soft and smooth.  Apparently infrared saunas are known to help increase blood pressure and promote toxin release. A half-hour session cost $10. 
On another note, I am also so so grateful for all the support from my many loved ones during this time.  Given my commitment to my soul's highest purpose, it is essential for me to fully process the big life experiences.  I do that by having a lot of internal dialogue as well as talking things through with others.  Sometimes we need others to point out what we cannot see, and so I thank you all eternally for being a witness to my journey.  And thank you, Christina, for your rapid fire-hot infrared sauna! 

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