Thursday 30 December 2021

Human Communication

Communicationthe imparting or exchanging of information or news.

Why is it that humans have such a difficult time communicating with one another?

I watch our farm animals do it almost every day - it's natural and they don't even use words!  Humans, however, struggle with this task often.  That is my experience anyway, and I've witnessed it for others too.  Can you please enlighten me, God, as to how humans can communicate in a better way?  

Maybe if we were more energetically sensitive we could "feel" each other more and be able to subtly communicate, or have the sense of when is the best time for communicating.  The Aborigines did it, and perhaps still do, and other tribes too back in the day.  For today's purposes, I'm specifically speaking of communication between one and his/her significant other.  That's what I am interested in, though I suppose it can apply to any human relations. 

So I turn to the tarot here for my question of the day:

"How can we as humans communicate in a better way?"

The 8 of disks offers us a fresh perspective on the matter.  (Thoth deck, Sun in Virgo)

We need to communicate in a rational way; a practical way.  It can be helpful to create protection for oneself in the act.  It is like a delicate dance we do with one another.  It can be beautiful when care is taken to the details of our words and the flow.  The landscape is barren behind the tree suggesting to me that perhaps best to communicate when there is a plain landscape versus in the middle of a cluttered landscape.  Another factor is the mechanism with which one is perceiving.  Perhaps we need to clear our ears out or our lens in order to hear or see more clearly.  Communication with your dearest is like an unfolding of sorts.  It takes time and patience and great care to develop healthy committed communication.

Thursday 23 December 2021

Winter Solstice - From darkness to Light

Deep, dark, shadow, spark,

Blew a fuse, no more muse.

Letting go of all I know.

Rekindling the flame, free from shame.

Eternal Light, let it be bright.

Mother Dear, I feel you near.

Urging me on to reclaim what's gone;

The beauty way, the feminine song.💓