Monday 28 May 2012

More of Nature's Beauty and Serendipity

I have discovered a theme in my life lately: beauty.  This theme has likely always been there, though I am only beginning to fully realize its importance in my life.  Perhaps my love of beauty is related to all the Libra energy I have in my astrological I was told upon having my natal chart read.  My understanding is that the astrological sign of Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and social grace.  

I continue to be awe inspired by the beauty of BC.  Last night I went to visit my friend who is a Park Steward at the Comox Valley Spit, and I got there just in time to view the breathtaking sunset that nature gracefully shared with us. 

I am hoping to be in nature's beauty lots this summer, and having purchased my very own tent today I am happily on my way.  Having lived in a tent for six and a half months last year (in other people's tents) I have been itching for some tent time, especially now with the warmer weather.  To me, sleeping in a tent fosters a close and intimate relationship with nature that is truly special.  I had been periodically checking various local internet sites for a couple months, and it seems few people sell used tents here.  I was feeling a bit frustrated.  Then when I was in Victoria this past weekend I popped into Mountain Equipment Coop and came so close to purchasing a tent, though it just didn't feel right.  Upon my return to the valley I rechecked the local online classified ads, and low and behold there was a sweet little 2-man tent for sale in the area.  What is more sweet is that it is the exact same tent that I lived in while in Ecuador last year.  Same make and model - the one difference is the outside color.  What are the odds?! 

And what are the odds of putting an ad online offering a ride to Victoria last week, and unknown to us both, the woman who I ended up taking lived next door to my friends who I was staying with?  How was that for ease?!

Well I can tell you I am beginning to see the perfection in nature and the universe.  Believe it or not, we can actually influence our "odds" by using focused intention and strengthening our belief in being able to affect an outcome.  For more information on that, check out Lynne 

Of course there are many factors that affect an outcome, though the more I witness the serendipity in my life in big and small ways, the more I believe in the perfection of the universe.  As these experiences continue to pile, I am learning to have faith that everything will work out for the best, and this faith is helping to create a beautiful feeling of peace within.  What a wonderful gift.

Sunday 20 May 2012

We always get what we need...and in perfect timing

Though I have been in British Columbia for almost a year now (wow!), I am still in deep amazement of the beautiful landscapes here.  I think this may last forever!.

The other day I was feeling drawn to be by water so my friend Darwin and I ventured to Comox Lake.  My original intention in going to the lake was to receive some divine inspiration for a particular writing task.  With journal and pen in hand, I was ready to write!  Our timing was perfect.  We soaked up the last bit of sun, admired it setting behind the mountains, sang a couple songs, and watched two sweet little ducks playing in the water together.  I felt completely connected to the elements: earth (trees and sand), air (wind), fire (sun) and water (lake).  Unfortunately, I did not directly receive the divine inspiration for my writing task, and my pen never met the paper that evening.  However, I left with a clear and peaceful mind; it was a great place to start.  It is like Mick Jagger says, "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need."  Indeed, our silly, fun, and peaceful journey to the lake was exactly what my soul needed that evening. The writing task got completed a couple days later.  Again, it was all in perfect timing.  :o)

Sunday 13 May 2012

Treasure Hunting on Hornby Island - Jackpot!

Last weekend I ventured out to the annual Rock and Gem show in the Comox Valley.  I arrived empty handed and I left with a lovely fire agate necklace and pair of earrings, courtesy of having won one of the door prize draws.  Moreover, I made plans with a few members of the Rock and Gem club to beachcomb the following day on a quaint island two ferry rides away.

A full moon two days prior translated to ultra low tides; the beach was ripe for treasure hunting.  We were in search of fossils, concretions, and baculites.  The second two words I only recently became aware of after spending the day with Russ - Rock Man extraordinaire!  Using the tools I photographed below, a hammer-like thing and a chisel, and some force and skill, one literally cracks the concretion open in hopes of finding a hidden fossil or gem.  Apparently 1 in 20 have some sort of treasure inside, if I recall correctly.  I tried my luck at a few concretions, though they were all empty.  One of the women that came along cracked open a concretion to find a lovely crystal formation inside.  It was rare and exquisite!  I forgot to take a photo...oops.  Here is a sample image of a fossil crab concretion that was found on Vancouver Island so you can get the idea.  

My tired hands, coupled by my amazement at being able to walk so far out on the beach, altered my focus by the afternoon.  I became enthralled by the abundance of aquatic life.
sea cucumber
Sun Fish
star fish
 Russ graciously gifted me with a couple of his finds - a pretty piece of petrified wood and this piece of baculite that shines like mother pearl when you pour water on it.   I also collected a small bucket of oysters to cook up for dinner.  I very rarely eat shellfish, and was excited by the idea of catching my own dinner.  They were yummy. :)

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Fun for All at Elevate the Arts!

As far as I could see, Elevate the Arts was FUN for ALL!! 

I would characterize last Saturday as one giant all-ages party in the sunny streets and shops of downtown Courtenay.   

There was a steady stream of traffic throughout the day, and from my Tarot readings I sensed that a lot of people are in transition these days.  Seeds are being planted and new growth is peaking through.  Makes sense for spring. 

At one point in the day I peered out from behind my Tarot table to experience some of the other artists at work/play, and I was amazed at the spectacle of local artists and musicians.  What an offering Courtenay has?! 

I was fortunate to be placed across from the "Kids Zone", and I was astounded by the immense creativity and limitless minds of those little ones.  What began as a few cardboard boxes taped together in the alley, transformed into an endless fun house cave!  It was truly a beautiful work of art.  

Elevate the Arts was certainly a feast for the senses, and I am grateful to the organizers who orchestrated the event.  I imagine and am hopeful this event will make its way to the annual line-up of summer fun in the Comox Valley.

To round out the day, I made a visit to the Comox Spit to honour and be cleansed by the powerful full moon. 

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Elevate the Arts

Coming to the downtown core of Courtenay, BC this weekend: An explosion of Arts and Culture!  
Yes, a gathering of gifted artists and musicians of all kinds are coming together to showcase their talents and uplift community spirits.  I will be offering mini Tarot sessions for those wanting clarity and insight.  Click on the link below for more information, and to see my bio page.
Excited about another opportunity for fun and sharing with the Tarot!