Friday 27 January 2023

New Tarot Offerings for 2023

It's happening!  I started working with Tarot cards in 2009, and after taking a professional 
hiatus to birth and nurture my young ones, I am feeling ready to offer myself up again in this way.

The Tarot for me has been a source of solace, a means of self reflection and guidance, and a way to find new perspectives and awareness in situations and challenges.

Here are my current offerings:

1) A 3-card Tarot reflection via email, phone, online, lasting a 1/2 hour, and

2) an 8-card comprehensive reflection plus a "wild card" via email, phone, online, lasting up to 1.5 hours.

The comprehensive session includes an audio recording.

I'm also available to do Tarot reflections at gatherings.

Gift cards are an option as well, and are sent by email for you to forward or print.

Please email with enquiries and/or to make a booking.