about ashley

"Transformation is a process rather than an event."

Ashley’s journey began in her early 20s. After earning a business degree, she leaped into a two-year personal development program at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto. Another few years of life experience led her to study again, this time emerging with a Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) license. More recently, she studied mind consciousness intensively with mentors in Ecuador while she lived in and learned from the local organic farming community.
There’s been a lot of other learning among all of that and, today, she continues diving deep into the exploration of body and mind, surrounded by the beautiful, natural environment in the West Kootenays, British Columbia.  In many ways, she now lives in an entirely different world from her native Toronto and beginnings in business school. But that’s how the transformation process works!

Her business degree and RMT license were a solid foundation on which she built a successful practice. Still, she intuitively felt there was something more and different in store for her and, indeed, there was. So after closing her practice in Ontario, she spent two years in concentrated self study, experimentation and travel, landing on the Canadian west coast where she discovered her calling in the metaphysical realm.

"Life is full of hidden treasures, and they can all be found within."

What led Ashley here was simple serendipity. A few years ago, while at a Changing Course retreat in Massachusetts, the facilitator suggested she study the Tarot. It was a casual, passing comment as she was walking out the door. In that moment, something inside was ignited and the flame has been shining brightly since. With a diverse background and rich experience, Ashley has evolved into a practical, intuitive and dynamic mind and energy worker – integrating massage, consciousness, gestalt and other valuable techniques into her tarot practice.

Clients describe Ashley’s tarot consultations as interactive, engaging, and enlightening. She focuses on personal empowerment, helping people create their most excellent lives. Understanding that there are many different paths and speeds at which we go through life, Ashley meets people wherever they happen to be now and aids them in getting on track to navigate their own transformative course of life. She believes the hidden treasure lies within us, and so does the wise guide we must find and develop. We all have one. Ashley is thankful to have found hers and delights in helping others find theirs.


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