Saturday 25 August 2012

Honouring the Priestess Within

The major arcana tarot card number II, the Priestess, is personally one of my most favoured cards in the deck.  To me, she represents the divine feminine.  Her intuitive sense is strong, and her self-sufficiency is evidenced by the camel.  She goes within to find answers, and she understands a great truth that cannot be put into words.

Over the last year and a half I have been on a truly transformative journey.  Part of that process has been integrating the role of the Priestess into the core of my being.  Given that the Priestess is the quintessential card for a tarot reader, I suppose this is par for my course.  Let me tell you though, in my experience, the Priestess comes to her knowing often through trying times.  Having said that, these times are also sprinkled with bits of deep calm, peace, and joy - it's all part of the process, as Morcheeba sang so eloquently.

What excites me is watching how my experiences and learnings over the last several years are beginning to come together like a nicely woven tapestry.  I can actually see the weave in Aleister Crowley's Priestess card (Thoth tarot deck).  The woman is sitting back and is intuitively seeing the interconnectedness of all things.  My connection and faith in the divine workings of things is solidifying.  I am seeing how everything is part of the one. 

The other key piece in this card is balance - represented by the number II.  For all the inner observing I have been doing, I recently realized the importance of also allowing my imagination to run wild...strangely something I rarely permitted myself for a long time.  So I have been carving out time for fantasy; I have begun to read fiction novels!  Gasp!  For years I solely read non-fiction books because my quest for knowledge was so great.  Non-fiction has its time and place for sure, though I am discovering the other side.  Who knew reading fiction could be so immensely pleasurable?!

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