Sunday 12 August 2012

British Columbia Bliss

British Columbia truly is the ideal place for me.  Early this morning I went swimming with a friend in Stokum river - a river close to home.  We were the only ones there, making it a lovely opportunity for a river meditation.  With the sun shining on our faces, we lounged around on the rocks for a while and had a good heart to heart exchange.

our own private pool for the morning :o)
I am reminded of the Major Arcana tarot card, The Sun.  I am especially fond of that child-like innocence and energy generated from the sun (and in this case the river rapids).   There is an optimism and buoyancy that comes from these kinds of experiences - a feeling of having all of your needs met. 

I am finding my mind relating many happenings throughout the day to various tarot cards.  I think this is par for the course when one is passionate about something as I am with the tarot.  I see the tarot as an art form; I am faithfully working with my craft. 

For those of us whose craft includes working with people's minds and/or bodies, we are exposed to many different kinds of energy.  Sometimes unwanted energy lingers and energetic cleansing is needed.  In my experience, a river, or any running water source for that matter, is a great way to cleanse the body, mind, and spirit.  It is quite revitalizing too.  After a trip to the river, I amazed at how calm and clear I am.  Once again, thank you mother nature!


  1. I think B.C. is the most beautiful province, hands down. I cried when I went to Saskatchewan and couldn't wait to get back to *my* ocean and mountains.

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