Tuesday 21 August 2012

Blessings for Postal Service

Yesterday I received not one but TWO birthday packages.  I was in tears.....tears of joy that is!

A while back I had asked my mom to knit me a small blanket for my travels and, though she didn't speak much of it, I was excited by the idea that one day it would be in my arms.  That day has arrived.  It is so precious and feels so special.  I love the intricate weaving and the various shades of green and purple wool she used.  My mom knew I wanted purple and she said she chose green to reflect the beauty of the rich trees in the photos I showed her of Vancouver Island.

The lovely burlap handbag in the photo was sent by my sister.  The bags were created in support of a good cause -  the proceeds from the sales are being donated to help provide nutritious meals in children's schools around the world.  I love the rawness of the bag...definitely my style!

What struck me as I sat in my room yesterday with unwrapped boxes and new gifties, tears streaming down my face, was the beautiful warm feeling of love I felt.  Personally I value the time and energy that goes into sending a gift a great distance to a loved one.  I was deeply touched.  Furthermore,  there is something special about being greeted at the door by a delivery man or finding something extra special in your mailbox.  Whether it be a card or a gift, big or small, I am reminded of the wonderful feeling of receiving something by post.  I know the postal system isn't perfect, though I am grateful for it regardless.  It inspires me to be more giving.  It calls attention to the "pay it forward" concept, helping to make the world a better place.  To me, that is what life is all about.

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