Wednesday 5 September 2012

On the Move!

 meadows of paradise
Over the past two weeks my life could best be characterized as transient.  I have been camping, staying with various friends, celebrating another wondrous year of life, and honouring my healing journey.  I recently landed on Cortes Island, the perfect place for quiet reflection...though my mind and heart are anything but quiet at the moment!  The word that comes to mind is "roaring".  I find that each time I endure a beginning and/or an ending, the same set of emotions come up.  I am beginning to see a pattern here, and I am committed to getting to the root - the root limiting belief that is creating this emotional flurry at poignant times in my life.  During my time in Ecuador studying mind consciousness intensively, I began to see how we create our own reality based on our belief systems.  We can either make our lives easy and peaceful or we can make them hard and bruisy.

Part of me wonders if my choice to be on the move over the past year or so is my inner wise guide asking to get to the root of this issue.  I've had some amazing experiences and all and yet the transitions have been a challenge for me.  I imagine I will continue to put myself in the same circumstance until I have completed the learning.  I think I am on the verge of a major shift - a completion of something.

You know the saying, "the calm before the storm"?  I think it ought to be the other way around, "the storm before the calm".  I often find the latter expression to be more fitting, at least for me.  Before times of BIG expansion (in my experience a calm, grounded, and peaceful state of being) I experience an inner storm of sorts...likely related to fear and anxiety around the unknown.  Again, these feelings are definitely related to a belief somewhere that is buried deep in my subconscious; it is being stored on a visceral level.  It's as if I made a contract way back when that I have been choosing to stand by all these years (subconsciously of course), even though it is self-defeating. 

With this in mind, and looking into the great wide open, I am wondering how to proceed this fall - asking for the people, places, and experiences which I need for my greatest and highest good to come forth.

What I know for certain is that for the next week Cortes is my homestead.  I am taking a tarot workshop at Hollyhock, a retreat and learning centre, as a way to deepen my experience with my beloved form of divination and to unite with others who share my passion. 

The journey continues to unfold....
campsite equipped with its own private lake access :)
basking in the birthday light!


  1. What a gorgeous spot! So jealous!

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