Monday, 9 July 2012

Strawberry Delight!

After a busy festival weekend I wanted to have a quiet morning, so I headed on over to a nearby u-pick strawberry farm called Ash Berry Farm.  Interestingly, I first stopped by my local grocery store to get a few things and I saw a shelf full of organic strawberries in big plastic containers from California.  The grocery store was having a big special on them.  I was tempted to buy them and forgo the picking, though the purest in me was determined to pick my own fresh local organic strawberries.  So glad I maintained my position.   
The vibe at the farm was relaxed and sweet.  The owners promote sustainable practices and they solely use natural and organic methods on the farm.  The strawberries looked much more vibrant and red and juicy than the ones in the grocery store and they tasted heavenly; my tummy hurt from eating so many of them!  What can I say, I was excited.

As I see it, u-pick farms are a win-win.  I had a fun and memorable experience, I felt really good to be supporting my local community, and the farm received my business.  I especially loved the little children who had a stand set up next to the parking lot selling fresh cool mint water.  

Whether it be herbs like mint, fresh berries, or kale, I am still in amazement of how those little tiny seeds we put into the ground transform over time.  With care and good nutrients, the seeds flourish to become a source of deliciousness and nourishment for us.  Having said that, I will definitely be returning to the u-pick again for some more fresh berry goodness, and I encourage you all to support fresh local organic farm foods whenever and where ever possible.

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