Thursday 12 July 2012

The Gift of Giving!

The act of giving is truly a beautiful thing.  I have written about this topic at least once before, though I feel it is good to re-address this one every so often. 

Yesterday, I gave the gift of time.  I spent my morning volunteering at the Comox Valley Therapeutic Riding Society - the task was cleaning tack.  It reminded me of my childhood years.  I would diligently clean my bridle and saddle after every horse riding lesson; it was a ritual of sorts for me.  I loved the smell of the saddle soap mixed with the fresh smell of leather.

In the afternoon, I stopped by my friend's backyard garden to water her plants.  She went away for the week, and had asked if I would stop in given the intense sun and heat this week in the valley.  It took me a bit to figure out her watering system, and once I did it was smooth sailing!  I am completely inspired by her lush and bountiful garden - her goal is to grow an abundance of food for her and her children this summer and into the fall.

To me, the act of giving is receiving.  They are two sides of the same coin.  For example, when I went to water my friend's garden there was a huge raspberry bush in the yard - snack time for Ashley!  The less tangible form of receiving is just as valuable in my opinion.  My heart felt happy knowing I was being of service in some way.

There is a concept in the Kabbalah, called the Bread of Shame, that refers to a situation in which people take more than they give.  This situation ultimately creates resentment and possibly other low vibrational feelings in those people that ultimately hinders them and also those around them.  Clearly, these people have moved into a state of imbalance.  I suppose the equal opposite can be true as well.  Deep feelings of resentment can arise when a person over-gives out of a desire to be loved, for example.

I think the key is balance.  The energy of giving raises one's frequency and those of others.  Also, people who receive give joy to those who give to them. Again, that practice raises the frequency of those concerned and positively impacts the planet.  With that in mind, I encourage taking a day where you consciously give of yourself in some way and notice the impact. From my experience, it feels good to give!


  1. I work doing palliative care. People always are in awe and think I must be a very giving person. The opposite is true. Yes, I have to give of myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually but I get back more than I could ever possibly give. I am blessed.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Birdie. What a wonderful being you are!