Sunday 29 July 2012

Oh, How I Love the Tarot!

This past weekend I participated in a metaphysical fundraiser for Unity of Nanaimo.  My weekend began with a pesky sting from a wasp that had tucked itself into the flowers I purchased for the event (they were from a neighbour's flower stand down the street - pictured in photo above).  I had put the flowers in my passenger car seat, and when I went to reach over to open the passenger window my arm met the wasp's stinger.  OUCH!  I immediately put tea tree and peppermint essential oil on my arm to clean and sooth it and that act definitely helped.  Amazingly my arm only swelled mildly and the pain was fairly minimal. 

As for the fundraiser, what an event?!  I offered my Tarot consulting services, along with 17 other practitioners offering various services, and I was busy from the moment the doors opened to their closing.  I managed to carve out time for a quick session with Alexis Gilchrist, a talented Iridologist, and for some home-cooked veggie chili.  YUM!

The energy was friendly, compassionate, and good-spirited, and the volunteers were delightfully helpful.  Overall, I felt like I provided insight, a bit of entertainment (with my fun loving facial expressions), and compassionate guidance to the consultees, and I too gained valuable experience in working with all of them.  Oh, how I love the Tarot!

An extra special thank you to Andree, who recommended me, and to Jacque who graciously opened her home to me so I could avoid the lengthy commute.  Looking forward to next year's event!

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