Tuesday 21 February 2012

Harley Davidson Teaches Patience

 I am currently house sitting for a sweet and wise 14 year old miniature schnauzer named Harley Davidson.  Most of my experience in the animal kingdom resides with cats and horses, though since arriving on Vancouver Island, I have developed a love and respect for dogs.  They are highly intelligent beings.  It's not that I didn't think they were, it is more that I had yet to witness their intelligence first hand on an intimate level.

Let me give an example: the other evening I asked Harley to get "horsie" from a big basket of stuffed animals.  He disappeared and then minutes later came back with the horse stuffed animal in his mouth...from a BIG basket of various animals!  I was amazed.

The dogs are having their afternoon get together.  Harley is the one with the Harley Davidson sweater on!

Animals can be our greatest teachers.  Harley is definitely teaching me patience.  When it takes me 15 minutes to get him out of my car, or when I have to plea with him to eat his breakfast so I can give him his daily insulin dose, I find my patience level being put to the test.  What I find helpful in cultivating patience is breathing....taking long deep and slow inhales and exhales.  My goal is to take five big breaths and by that time my patience usually settles in.  If not, then I often resort to a couple minutes of alternate nostril breathing.  That technique always works: it is so wonderful in balancing the mind!  I suppose it also helps to be surrounded by an abundance of beauty. :o)
Beachcomber Park - Nanoose Bay

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