Sunday 19 February 2012

Clearing the Confusion

A Fall day on the Danforth (the old)
I have had a few people inquire about my whereabouts, given that one of my blogs states I reside in Toronto and work at the Carrot Common on the Danforth, and the other reports I live in BC.  I have decided to clarify what is going on for me in blog land.  At some point while I was in Ecuador last year, Google made some changes, and when I arrived in BC, I soon discovered I was "locked out" of my account.  After numerous attempts to contact the support people at Google, and various back and forth emails with various Google reps over a span of four months, it became clear that my efforts were futile.  I tried a couple things with my domain name provider that also proved dismal.

I was not going to let that stop me from expressing myself on the vast and expansive world wise web, so I asked a tech savvy friend to help me set up a new blog.  It works.  There's some wonderful and useful information on my previous blog,, so you actually may find perusing it time well spent!

At some point I may address this issue again, and for now I am content to have the old and the new.

My campsite in BC on a 10 day solo camping retreat (the new)

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