Saturday 28 January 2012

Hasta luego, rancho!

So this is my second to last day at my ranch house sit, and though I am ready to move on, I will miss the landscapes, Cooper, the sweet, protective, comical dog, and daily hugs from Mocha the lady horse.  The cat, too, was quite comical, though not at six o'clock in the morning when she was meowing outside my door waiting for her daily breakfast to be delivered to her bowl!  Lots of profound memories.  I experienced my first MAJOR snowfall here in BC, which disappeared in two days to my amazement.  I love the island!  I acquired major leg muscles from walking close to an hour a half a day every day.  I soaked up the sun, when it was shining, the rain, when it was pouring down, and the moon, on the nights when it was truly breathtaking.  My time spent in nature and with the animals here has really given me the opportunity to do some major spiritual healing, and for that I am grateful.
 All in all it was a fun and enriching learning experience, and now I head to a neighbouring town, called Nanoose, to be close to the beach and to care for another lovely little doggie.  :O)

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