Wednesday 26 September 2012

A Whole New World!

It has been a month since my last post, and oh how things have changed!  Since my last scripture, I have departed Vancouver Island and am currently touring the interior of British Columbia.  The first bump in the road was en route to stop # 1, the Wise Womens’ Festival in Naramata, where I was slated to teach a Tarot workshop.  Upon reaching Vancouver, there was mega traffic, (worse than Toronto!) and as I was inching by I noticed my car’s temperature gauge rising…rising…rising to what seemed to be an unhealthy level.  I also heard a strange noise coming from the engine.  What to do?  I decided to wait until the traffic cleared to determine my next move.  An hour later when the congestion cleared my car seemed to clear as well.  I was praying she would be okay driving on the steep inclines of the road terrain in what felt like 30 degree weather.  When I stopped for lunch I parked her in the shade, opened the hood, and gave her some good energy.  After that she was back to normal.  Phew! 

I was glad to have made it to the Wise Womens’ Festival as it was a beautiful experience.  Connection, affirmation, and fullness would best describe the weekend.  I had the opportunity to receive a sacred chakra Tibetan bowl group sound healing, met some truly wonderful women, played in the lake, and most importantly received the most positive, life affirming feedback in regards to my workshop.  It was my first time leading a workshop of this kind, and I was feeling quite anxious beforehand to put it mildly.  I ensured a good night’s sleep, and ample time for meditation and set-up prior to the 8:45 am start.  I set the space with a small intimate group in mind, yet as the workshop start time approached more and more people walked into the room expanding our circle to 21! I completely strayed from my outline, stayed present with the group, and kept within the allotted time frame.  What an expansive experience?!  I truly amazed myself and was so grateful to receive such heart warming and positive feedback.  I am definitely meant to be teaching in one form or another.

Over the next few weeks my plan is loose.  Currently I am en route to Grand Forks to stay with a lovely like-minded woman I met at the festival who lives off grid in the forest and works in the healing arts field.  Today she is harvesting seabuckthorn and canning tomatoes…sounds good to me!  My intention over the next few weeks is to experience conscious freedom both on the inside and out, and stay close to water.  It seems important for me at this time.  The weather here is so beautiful, even though we are approaching the end of September and for that I am grateful.   Wishing everyone a happy and fruitful harvest! 

***Update!!  I now have photos.  The land was magical.  All of the living quarters were made from scrap materials and the designs were creative and ingenious.

A gathering space for workshops...look at the craftsmanship of the roof! 

A quaint loft

I love the quirkiness and character

Canning the tomatoes

Solar powered home built with left over materials from the scrap warm and beautiful inside too.

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