Friday 31 October 2014

Life with a One-Year Old

Finding time to blog with a wee one can be challenging, especially if it is low on one's priority list as it is for me at this time.  I felt compelled though to share my latest pondering.  Last night in bed I admitted to my partner that I have been feeling disconnected from source or creator, or whatever one calls that all powerful mysterious being or force that connects us all.  I have been so wrapped up in caring for my little guy, 24/7, that my practices around connecting in have fallen by the wayside (ie. daily meditation and yoga).  My partner had some very insightful words for me.  He said that my utterly selfless giving to our son is my way of connecting to source at this time, as my son is inherently connected to that all-powerful being.  He came from a truly mysterious place...perhaps this phenomenon is best understood by those who have witnessed a birth first-hand.  Ultimately everything comes from source and contains a life force in my opinion.

Upon reflecting my partner's words of wisdom, I felt some sense of relief.  Instead of berating myself for not keeping up with all of my spiritual practices which help me connect with creator, I can recognize how I am connecting with Creator in my daily practice as a mother. 

Happy birthday, my precious One.

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