Tuesday 9 October 2012

Beauty and Gratitude

"On the Road Again!"

Since my last post I have taken a hiatus from camping, after the wind storm experience, and have been staying with women I met at the Wise Womens’ Festival.  On a bit of a whim I decided to head into the Rocky Mountain region for a few days, where one of the women lived, and what beautiful sights!

Hemlock Grove Forest View
On the way to Kaslo
In addition to sights that delight I was gifted a towel from a Guesthouse owner in Revelstoke to replace my towel that was eaten by the wind.  I also patched up my tent with the help and advice of my friend Cat’s husband and my friend Laura who I visited with in Sicamous.  I am discovering that everything always works out, and I have a new appreciation for the wisdom of this Great Universe.  

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I have decided to focus on gratitude. 

Cedar Lake in Golden, BC

On the Way to the Rockies

I am grateful for the hospitality and graciousness of all the people who have invited me into their homes and for those who have gifted me various things over the last couple weeks.
I am grateful for all the insightful and supportive conversations with loved ones from near and far.  
I am grateful for all that I have been exposed to since arriving in BC, learning about sustainable living, caring for homes and animals, working in organic gardens, and meeting amazing like-minded people.
I am grateful to be living in beautiful surroundings.
I am grateful to be following my heart.
Somewhere in Sicamous

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  1. Beautiful Ashley!!!! Thanks for reminding me about your blog. I'm so glad to be able to see photos of what you are seeing. Breathtaking beauty all around you. Amazing. I liked hearing your words about your gratitude for being able to follow your heart :)