Tuesday 8 May 2012

Fun for All at Elevate the Arts!

As far as I could see, Elevate the Arts was FUN for ALL!! 

I would characterize last Saturday as one giant all-ages party in the sunny streets and shops of downtown Courtenay.   

There was a steady stream of traffic throughout the day, and from my Tarot readings I sensed that a lot of people are in transition these days.  Seeds are being planted and new growth is peaking through.  Makes sense for spring. 

At one point in the day I peered out from behind my Tarot table to experience some of the other artists at work/play, and I was amazed at the spectacle of local artists and musicians.  What an offering Courtenay has?! 

I was fortunate to be placed across from the "Kids Zone", and I was astounded by the immense creativity and limitless minds of those little ones.  What began as a few cardboard boxes taped together in the alley, transformed into an endless fun house cave!  It was truly a beautiful work of art.  

Elevate the Arts was certainly a feast for the senses, and I am grateful to the organizers who orchestrated the event.  I imagine and am hopeful this event will make its way to the annual line-up of summer fun in the Comox Valley.

To round out the day, I made a visit to the Comox Spit to honour and be cleansed by the powerful full moon. 

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